Friday, April 1, 2011

All About Me

Good Morning and Happy April 1, 2011. And to all you little jokesters out nice as you celebrate April Fool's Day!

Wish me luck! I am embarking on a challenge. It is the April A-Z Blogging Challenge. It is a challenge to post everyday with a different letter of the alphabet serving as the inspiration. Some of these letters are going to be tough! It's not to late to join! There are over 1000 Bloggers signed up. If you are looking for a new blog to follow, there is something here for everyone. Check out the button on the right!

I decided A was going to be ALL about me! I am also incorporating a book review in it as well because it was my inspiration. How many of us have succeeded in our new year's resolutions? You all have!?! Let's be honest. I haven't and I am pretty sure I'm not alone. I figure what better day to fool myself than April Fool's day. So I can shoot for the stars and blame it on being foolish.
So what is ALL me. I am really striving to be a better me! I am eating better (gotta lose some weight), starting an exercise routine, making better relation ships, and knowing myself better.

I received a book that inspired me to get in touch with me. It is Journey To You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Who You Were Born to Be, by Steve Olsher. The book is phenomenal. I usually don't buy self-help books and if I get one it generally sits on the bookshelf under anything so I don't have to read. This book is so different because it is so personal. There are some difficult challenges to follow. It makes you look at who you really are and not someone else's version. I just read the book, but I am going back to actually do the exercises.

As it would happen, Washington, D.C. has officially announced that Steve Olsher,author of USA Book News' 2010 "Self-Help Book of the Year,"
Journey To You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Who You Were Born to Be,has been appointed to the position of Director of the newly-created Department of Hope & Inspiration.

"We need a man like Steve Olsher at the helm of the government's initiative to
revitalize our people and leverage the strength of America's human capital to propel
our wonderful country back to the forefront of the world's stage," said President Obama.
If you get the chance, read it! You will be glad you did!
And now my challenge to you... Go out and discover who YOU ARE! You will thank yourself.