Wednesday, April 27, 2011

U is for Unheard

Do you ever feel like you are talking to yourself in a room full of people?

Do you ever say to yourself,"I thought about doing that"?

Do you ever feel unheard?

I believe that many of us do not listen. I find myself in many situations, where a conclusion is based on something other than what I have said. It is a lonely feeling to process and put out a thought or feeling only to know that it fell on deaf ears. As people, we are allowed to change our minds and we are allowed to have opinions that differ from those closest in our lives without changing our value. Everyone has a right to be heard.

I often wonder, do you or have you ever listened to what is being said? Do you ever stop and think that this is a human voice in real time with real time thoughts and feelings, not just a sound byte that you play over and over again. Do you ever hear?

Take a moment and really listen to those around you. When a person goes unheard long enough, they cease to have anything to say.