Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for A Woman Who Helped Me

There have been many women who have made an impact on my life. The greatest of these was my sister Jo. She helped me to be a better person just by being her friend and sister. As a kid, she was a pain in my butt. She was 5 years younger than I and always taking my clothes and getting into my stuff.

As we grew older, we had our share of spats. And growing up in the household we lived in, grudges were taught to be the norm. Somehow, we always managed to break that mold. Our love and respect for each other overcame the need to be right.

As an adult, we had a wonderful relationship. We have been each other's rock through some really bad times and each other's cheer squad through the good times. We learned from each other as well as supported each other over the bumpy roads of marriage and motherhood. We both had our quirks, but we brought out the best in each other.

We would talk everyday, even if it was a game of phone tag. We could laugh and cry. We could vent and support. The one thing I appreciated the most was that we could disagree. And we did! But we could discuss opposing views (quite passionately at times) and still end the conversation with I love you. And mean it!

She has been gone 4 months now and I still carry this huge hole in my chest. I still dial her number on my phone. I still look at her facebook page everyday. I miss her. Amazing how that skinny little kid grew up to be the most influential woman in my life. She helped me to really live!

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