Wednesday, April 27, 2011

V is for Vacation

What is your dream vacation?

My vacations have always consisted of going to theme parks, shopping, and all the other "tourist" type activities. But my dream vacation....

I would love to take a month long car trip around the United States. There is so much of this country I haven't seen. And so much is missed when you fly.

Being the oldest of 5 kids, traveling when we were younger consisted of being in a car or camper. The ability to fly with 7 people was pretty much out of reach financially. Despite much of the unhappiness growing up, I do have fond memories of our family vacations. We would make charts for saving and earning our spending money. We always made rough estimates for KOA's, food, gas, and all the incidentals. It was part of the appreciation for the trip.

I miss the days of planning out our expenses and time lines. Even when my kids were younger, I was a heck of a vacation planner. But when you always do the same thing, what is there to plan? When you go to the same place all the time, I don't care how fun it is, it loses some of it's magic!

I would love to drive the coastal highway 101 through California. Stop and see some of the missionaries. (One of those boring side trips as a child, but fascinating history as an adult.) Go to the Grand Canyon. Visit all the relatives I have found. Attend a family reunion or two. Visit Nashville. Check out the East coast. Etc....

It will be a very long time before I go on a "huge" vacation. But in the meantime, day trips to the coast, a little hike in the mountains, or a campout on the river are wonderful mini vacations!