Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for Tyler

Today, you get to meet the last one of my kids. My second child, Tyler. He is such a unique, strong willed person.

He was born on Thanksgiving day in 1985. We had to postpone our dinner plans, but it was definitely worth it. He was 2 weeks early and has done everything on his time schedule ever since. Potty training Tyler was a piece of cake. It took 1 day, when HE decided he was ready.

Growing up, he always had a soft heart. And he was a tall kid. He towered over his big brother at a young age. My favorite recollection was when he and his best friend were playing, they were in the 3rd grade I believe. His friend was showing off for his older brother's friends. He started hitting Tyler. I look out the front window and Tyler is standing there crying. When I asked him what was wrong, he said that Jason was beating him up and didn't know why. Like an idiot, I asked him if he hit him back. He said no. When I asked him why, he said because he didn't want to hurt him. My heart broke. But everything worked out.

He was a natural athlete, but had no desire for sports. He loved the plays. We went to West Side Story at the local high school. He had to see the movie and thus began his love for movies. He is actually quite knowledgeable. In fact the whole family likes movies. He also writes wonderful poems and letters, many of which he has given to me on birthday's or Mother's day. I still have them.

Tyler has always been analytical. He likes everything to be ok. He does not deal well with stress. And drama, he will walk away. He is devoted to his wife and kids. I am very proud of the father that he has become. And proud of the man he has become. I enjoy talking to him because he is straight with you. I know that even if I don't like what he says, it is an honest statement.

Tyler is about to embark on his first tour in Iraq. And it breaks my heart. I was an absolute mess when his older brother left a couple of years ago, and I know I will be this time too. I fully support the military. And it is the greatest sacrifice a mother can give by sending her son to war. I only pray that those insensitive people who bash our service men and women, will understand the huge sacrifice that these young people go through as well as their families.

I pray you stay safe Tyler. I Love You.