Monday, February 28, 2011


I was able to score a couple of screening tickets for the new movie Beastly. It is the classic Beauty and the Beast story with a modern twist. It stars Alex Pettyfer, Vanessa Hudgens, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Neil Patrick Harris. The movie opens this Friday in theaters.

I wish I could say, run out and see it but I can't. It is a definite wait for it to come out on dvd movie. I thought Alex Pettyfer started out strong. In the first ten minutes of the film, he made you think wow what a jerk. This is gonna be good. But the rest of his performance couldn't hold up. The beast's look was very good. It was a unique interpretation and one that is easy to connect with in today's society.

Enter Vanessa Hudgens. She is pretty. But there isn't a lot of talent behind that constant smile and smoldering eyes. There is no depth to her. Her character had plenty of depth, Hudgens didn't have the ability to pull it off. I feel that she sabotages Pettyfer's performance. I did enjoy seeing Mary-Kate Olsen as the witch. Also not a great performance, but she at least she was believable as her character.

My favorite performance was by Neil Patrick Harris as the blind tutor. Every time the man was on screen, his wit and charm had the entire audience captivated. His performance was entertaining and worth my time in the theater.

The story line had big holes in it and sprinkled in a little of this and a little of that so it would resemble the fairy tale. The problem with filming a modern day fairy tale, is that everyone knows the story. The writers get lazy and give the audience an incomplete storyline.

The movie is rated PG-13. It is not the fairy tale that your little ones would enjoy. But the tween and the teen crowd will enjoy the movie as they did at the screening. Between the non-execution of a really good classic story and the absolutely wrong choice for the heroine, I give the film 2 stars for trying.

Ireland Turns 3

My grand daughter Ireland turned 3 and this weekend she had a Hello Kitty party. Everything was as pink and as Hello Kitty as any little girl could want. Mommy did a great job! She got a new dollhouse and lots of presents. I think she had a great time.

"Mom and me"
"It's my party"

Modeling the lastest in Hello Kitty Rainwear!

Pin the bow on Hello Kitty

As it got later, the grownups had a little celebration of our own. We celebrated with Hello Kitty Cocktails designed by Karla. It was 3 parts Tequila Rose to 1 part Pinnacle Whipped and lots of crushed ice. Pink and yummy!

The "big" girls celebrate.


I am the mom to 4 wonderful kids. They are all grow now. My three sons now have children and my daughter is only 19 and has lots of time to become a mom. Was I a perfect mom? No...who is? It is the hardest job in the world. But I gave it my all and I must have done something right because all 4 of them are wonderful young people.

What Would My Kids Do? Although they are way past the age of "needing" a mom, I think they would be lost if I were gone. Say...abducted by an alien. First off who would take the pictures? Mom always has the camera when the family gets together and no doubt she has it with her on Mars. She will be taking pictures of alien things instead of her adorable grand kids.

If I were abducted, I think that some of my kids would loose a few pounds. Who is going to provide the open refrigerator and pantry? But then they would miss me telling them to "stay out of that, I am saving that for something." And they would definitely miss the home baked banana bread! I can hear them now. "Mom better not be making banana bread for those space creatures. They don't even grow bananas in space!"

But if I were abducted by aliens, I think my kids and grand kids would miss the little things... a hug, a kiss, a phone call. Does Skype work in outer space? And is there a new app for that on my iPhone?

Being a mom of adult children gives me a little more to offer my kids than the moms of toddlers. When a mom creates a drum with a coffee can and beans for a 4 year old, she is praised and adored. But my 20 year old children can look at me a laugh. "Mom what are you thinking". Don't get me wrong. I don't take any offense to this. This is something else my kids would miss. They would miss my silly little quirks and miss making jokes about them. Of course they would be laughing at my abductors. Wondering what I was saving to recycle into the next best gift. And what about the homemade gifts. Even though they like the bells and whistles of the newest gadget or the sleek new fashions, they would miss mom's homemade gifts. I don't think sending them a vial of moon dust is gonna cut it!

At this stage of their lives, Mom stands for a constant friend, listener, advisor, cheerleader, and grandmother. I think they would miss me being there for their kids most of all. They would miss their kids not having me bake cookies with them, or do little craft projects with them. And especially when they need a night alone, they would miss knowing that they can count on me to take their kids for an hour or so. Or even overnight if needed.

The best thing about being a mom is that it doesn't matter how old your kids are, they will always need me. And I know in my heart they would miss me if I were gone. They also know that there is no alien out there anywhere strong enough to keep me from my kids and grand kids. They are my life!

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McHoppin Monday Blog Hop

A big thank you to The McMommy Diaries for asking me to cohost this Blog Hop. I love these hops. I gives me the opportunity to find all these great bloggers in 1 place. Have fun everyone and have a great day!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Too Sexy For My Shirt

Ok Ok! Who are we fooling here? But I did get your attention, didn't I?

Martin at TSHIRT sent me one of their t-shirts to try out.
When I opened the package, my first thought was, "Kewl, it's a monkey." I know the spelling is off, but for those who know me, it's kinda my catch phrase...spelling and all. Anyway, you want the dirt on the shirt so to speak.

Right out of the box. Bright and vivid colors.

I ordered a large shirt. Past that, I get what I get for the review. And I was impressed. First the quality of the shirt was better than I expected. It is a 90%, heavy cotton shirt with the cutsie monkey silk screened on the front. The length was good. When you get a t-shirt, you want it long enough so that with every move, you don't risk showing skin. Another plus, the design was centered. Also the quality of the stitching was good. All the seams were double stitched. In the past, I have ordered lots of shirts for kids' groups. And the quality of the shirts had not been the best quality. I wish I knew about
TSHIRT then because these shirts would definitely hold up to some heavy kid use.

The Shirt.

But who are kidding! Isn't everything better when it's brand new? So I had to do the dreaded wash test. Everyone has their own preference, but because the shirt was silk screened, I turned it inside out and washed in warm water and a cool dryer. I couldn't be happier with the garment. It came out of the dryer looking brand new. The shape was still good. The seams were in tact. The silk screened image wasn't cracked at all. I was a little concerned about the cracked image because the screening was thicker than on any of those trendy shops all over the mall. But then we all know how well those hold up to wear.

Right out of the dryer. Colors still vibrant!

If you check out their website, TSHIRT has a no nonsense, easy to navigate site. They have their product line organized and clearly defined. I was impressed that they will do small quantities as well as large quantities. Of course with special orders, prices are based on what the customer needs.

This is definitely a company that gets a thumbs up!

New Opportunity

I had a friend pass this opportunity on to me for Bamboo Pink jewelry. It is a perfect opportunity for all of us wanting to stay home and make a few dollars.
And the best part. No upfront fees.

I wish I could say more, but I am waiting for my info. The no upfront fees to become a consultant are good only until March 15, 2011. I will review when I receive all the info. But with a no risk offer like this, I wanted to make sure I passed on the info.

To take a look for yourself, just go to my Bamboo Pink Jewelry Page.

Friday, February 25, 2011


And I was awarded *The Stylish Blog Award* from Cyn on her wonderful blog The Purple Goddess Check her out! Awesome page and THANK YOU Cyn!!

There are rules that go along with winning this award. Here they are:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award. 2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers, or less, up to you.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

Seven Things About Me!
1) I LOVE purple - that's what drew me to Cyn's blog
2) I LOVE anything Disney
3) I collect dolls - Yeah I know, I'm a little old to be playing with dolls!
4) My comfort foods are potato chips (must be Ruffles with ridges) and chocolate. Forget the chicken soup and pass over the chips and Hershey bar!
5) I have been to the east coast once and my dream is to go back again. I want to see another broadway show!
6) There is definite truth to the Joe Nichols song about Tequila. So I drink it very seldom and in private company! :o)
7) My favorite flowers are lilacs and calla lillies.

Okay, so these are the blogger's I've chosen to also receive this award:
My choices are below. Some are new bloggers and some have some experience. Either way, there is something for everyone here!

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Hoppin Weekend

Facebook Hop Friday

This is an exciting chance for those of us who are trying to get our fan page numbers up. I started to go through the list and found that I am following many of the blogs. It is nice to have a complete social network going. I 'like' back!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day of Honey Book Tour

A Day of Honey is a luminous portrait of life in the Middle East, Day of Honey weaves history, cuisine, and firsthand reporting into a fearless, intimate exploration of everyday survival.

I received the book Day of Honey by Annia Ciezadlo and couldn't put it down. This is a definite "don't judge a book by it's cover" kind of book. Although politics are a major part of the storyline, it is not a political story. It is a love story.

What makes this love story so special is that it isn't only between a man and a woman. It is a love story about family, home, tradition, and food. Yes, food. We are finally given a reason to indulge our love of food.

The author draws you into her story of compassion for the everyday lives of people who are thrust into violent circumstances. But this isn't a story about war. It is about life. The story is how these people live their daily lives. At the center of these lives is food. The joy in preparing, the joy of eating, the joy of sharing, and the simple joy of having.

I enjoyed Ciezadlo's sense of humor. She kept light of some very intense situations. She describes the meals with such vivid images, that you can imagine the rich aroma of the middle eastern cuisine. As if being a fascinating book wasn't good enough, Ciezaldo invites the reader to continually share her story by including several recipes at the end of the book. This reader is excited to prepare some of these feasts.
I give this book 5 stars.
I received a copy of this book from the publishers to review. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.

Snow In Portland

I know that this winter has been hard on so many across the country. But here in Portland, where the weathermen (meteorologists!) constantly tease us with the "winter storm watch" warnings, we take it when we can get. Over the last week, old man winter has taunted us with his big freeze capabilities. But watch out, if you blinked, you missed the falling white stuff. But I now have proof that snow does exist in Portland, OR. I have picture proof.

But wait!

I blinked!

It's gone!

There's always tomorrow...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

FB Fan Page

I have created my Facebook Fan Page. As I am gearing up for my Reviews and Giveaways, I figured having a fan page is a good idea. Here is the link -

I am getting the button for my page here to make things alot easier. So please bear with me while I make some of these changes. :o)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011


I am very excited as it has been a productive week for me.
I have entered the world of Product Reviews and Giveaways.
So I will definitely be making a few changes to my blog.
I was successful it pitching several companies through The Product Review Place. Now all I have to do is wait to receive, review, and even give some of these products away to you, my readers.
I decided to try the product reviews because I have had so much fun with my book reviews.
So we'll see how that goes.
I am really excited about the upcoming products I will be reviewing.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

God Gave Us So Much Book Review

I received the book, God Gave Us So Much, free for review from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. The book is from Lisa Tawn Bergren. This book is actually a limited-edition three-book treasury. The three stories included are God Gave Us The World (which I have previously reviewed), God Gave Us Love, and God Gave Us Heaven. Lisa again uses a polar bear family as the center of her stories.

Once again, the illustrations are by Laura J. Bryant. Her artistic recreation of the stories are bright and colorful. Young children find the pictures entertaining.

The second story, God Gave Us Love, the story is told by the grandpa bear. He shows the polar cub how big God's love is. It touches on the different types of love, and how they are all important. I was amused at how the love between a mama and papa was portrayed. Exactly the way child would perceive their parents' love. But ultimately, how big God's love is.

The third story, God Gave Us Heaven, the papa is teaching the polar cub the lesson. This story was a little more difficult for me to read because of my sister's recent death. But the reaction of my grand daughter when I explained why I had tears, "it's will see her again" made me realize that kids get what Lisa is saying. The story touches on death, heaven, and eternity without putting a fear in children.

There are 3 more stories in the series. I give this book 5 stars. I would encourage you to pick at least one of Lisa Tawn Bergren's books to read to your child.
Please be sure to rank my review below. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Couples Who Pray Book Review

I just finished reading COUPLES WHO PRAY: The Most Intimate Act Between A Man and A Woman by SQuire Rushnell and Louise Duart. It is a book about how praying together as a couple can improve and strengthen your relationship.

I was a bit disappointed with the content. As a reader, I was expecting a guidebook. When you see *includes the 40 day prayer challenge*, you expect a lesson plan of sorts.

What I got was a who's who accounting of couples who believe that their marriages were saved through praying together. Most of the couples mentioned in the book are high profile public figures. I personally would have loved to hear the story of Jack and Jane down the street or of Joe, who is deployed and left Mary stateside. These are the people whose stories would be more relatable. The stories shared in chapter 2 felt more like a polished gossip magazine article.

This is not to say the book is bad. The book is easy to follow. But I am afraid that the celebrity references keep your interest more than the actual topic. It does have some thoughtful instruction. I found the appendixes at the the end were the most beneficial. The first one is a his and her questionnaire. It gives you a starting point in your spiritual relationship. The second one, I can only ponder, is what qualifies as the "challenge". It does offer good topics for prayer...for any thought provoking conversation with your partner. I would give this book 2 stars.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze®.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Early Gift Shopping

What an awesome deal. I always Christmas shop year round, but I am always on the lookout for great deals for birthday gifts as well. I came across this great deal at Target. It is a set of 2 Barbie and Ken doll for only $5.00. YES, both dolls for only $5.00. The deal is available in the store or online.
Only 10 months to finish my shopping! :o)

Weekend Recovery

I had the busiest weekend imaginable! I had 5 of my 6 grandchildren staying with me. They range from 5 months to 5 years in age.

Can we say CHAOS!!!!

Not really. I love spending time with the little critters. I am just not as young as I use to be. We made valentine cards, decorated cupcakes, played soccer, watched a movie, decorated a valentine choo-choo train (edible of course), read lots of books, took lots of pictures, and somehow managed to get in 3 decent meals a day.

I found a great deal a week ago. Gingerbread train kits that sold for $10.00 at Christmas time, were reduced to 99 cents. So I picked one up for the kids to decorate as a valentine train. The kids don't care what holiday it is supposed to be for...all that matters is that they get to make a mess decorating something . And the magic perk...they get to EAT it!

The finished project!

Malachi and Ethan eating as much as they decorate!

Ireland and Elijah hard at work!

Little ZoZo just waits for her next feeding with lots of smiles for Mawka!

All in all, the weekend wasn't so bad unless you consider lack of sleep a problem, the noise decibel of a freight train irritating, or the constant demands for a drink of water or a drink of milk a problem. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat! The privilege of being such a big part in these little lives brings so much more joy than the few inconveniences.

I look back on my family growing up, and realize that there was so much love and enjoyment that my own parents could have received in their own lives if they had given of themselves to their grandchildren. Nothing beats hearing the excited scream when you open the door, "GRANDMA!" or "MAWKA!"

And when all is said and done...there shall be peace!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baking with Alexis

Decided to bake valentine cakes with Alexis. The perfect holiday for a little girl who loves PINK!

Out of the oven...

Ready to decorate...

Just a little more!


Zooey wants to know when she gets to eat one!

Awesome Day With Ethan and Ireland

I had a great visit with with my grandkids. Time with Ehtan and Ireland always makes me laugh. They are too adorable for words. Ireland is fast approaching her 1 year anniversary with Type 1 diabetes. As this disease is hard on anyone, it is especially difficult to discover when you are 2 years old. Thank goodness my son and his wife have experience with diabetes. Tyler's sister (my youngest) was diagnosed with Type 1 at 14 and Shannon has alot of Type 2 in her family.

I only get to see them about once a month and I enjoy every second of it. Rthan's new phrase is "It's freakin me out!" And he says it about everything! Ireland has these crystal blue eyes that just melt your heart. She is definately a diva in the making.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Clorox Get the Dirt, but Keep it Clean

I love using Clorox. Take a trip to their website for some fun tips and even a few chances to win. I received information from The Clorox Company at no cost to me. Good Luck!

Clorox is sharing quick clean-up tips on how to keep fashionable winter whites white, keep flowers fresh longer and host a Hollywood-style party. And with Valentine's Day just around the corner, a girl can use some help. Tips like…

* Nothing says “I love you” like roses. Want to enjoy those flowers longer than a celebrity romance? Just add ¼ teaspoon of Clorox® Regular-Bleach to each quart of cold water you put in the vase.

* Got a stain from a heart-shaped chocolate on your favorite whites? It’ll come out in a snap once you add ¾ cup Clorox® Regular-Bleach to the hot water and detergent in your washing machine.
To get more tips from Clorox® Regular-Bleach and extend the Valentine’s Day romance, readers can enter the Get the Dirt, but Keep it Clean sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip for 2 Hollywood, CA! To enter and view official rules, visit

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Love My Online Friends Monday Hop

Stepping By Saturday Blog Hop

The Harry Potter Exhibit

I had the opportunity to go to Harry Potter The Exhibition. All I can say is WOW!
Of course everyone knows that the series of books was written by J.K. Rowling. Enough pros and cons have been written about the boy wizard and 'he-who-shall-not-be-named'. This is about The Exhibition!
I thought it was going to be your typical mouse maze, follow the leader, see the pretty things in a box, show. I was pleasantly surprised. As soon as we entered the exhibit, we were greeted by a Hogwart's wizard who proceeded to verify our house of choice by the sorting hat. The doors then opened and we were on Platform 9 3/4, waiting to board the Hogwart's Express.
The exhibition was far more fascinating than I had imagined, now mind you, I am a huge fan. The movie props were in fact those used by the movie franchise. All costumes were actually used in the films, by the actors we saw on the big screen. We saw the dormitory of Harry and Ronald, complete with their robes,trunks, and school supplies. The costumes and supplies of many of the students, teachers, visitors, heroes, and villains were on display in such a way that when you saw the scene, you were wrapped up in all of the emotions you felt the first time you saw it on the big screen.
Because these were authentic props, there was a strict no touching and no photography of any kind policy. But I was able to toss a Quidditch Quaffle, pull a Mandrake out of the ground, and take a rest in an over sized chair at Hagrid's hut.
And what exhibit would be complete, without the souvenir cha-ching. And of course it got me as well. I was able to limit myself on a couple of books, a magnet, and a pin to add to my collections. But what fun it would have been to bring home that special wand and magically conger up the world of Harry Potter in my living room.