Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awesome Day With Ethan and Ireland

I had a great visit with with my grandkids. Time with Ehtan and Ireland always makes me laugh. They are too adorable for words. Ireland is fast approaching her 1 year anniversary with Type 1 diabetes. As this disease is hard on anyone, it is especially difficult to discover when you are 2 years old. Thank goodness my son and his wife have experience with diabetes. Tyler's sister (my youngest) was diagnosed with Type 1 at 14 and Shannon has alot of Type 2 in her family.

I only get to see them about once a month and I enjoy every second of it. Rthan's new phrase is "It's freakin me out!" And he says it about everything! Ireland has these crystal blue eyes that just melt your heart. She is definately a diva in the making.