Monday, February 28, 2011


I am the mom to 4 wonderful kids. They are all grow now. My three sons now have children and my daughter is only 19 and has lots of time to become a mom. Was I a perfect mom? No...who is? It is the hardest job in the world. But I gave it my all and I must have done something right because all 4 of them are wonderful young people.

What Would My Kids Do? Although they are way past the age of "needing" a mom, I think they would be lost if I were gone. Say...abducted by an alien. First off who would take the pictures? Mom always has the camera when the family gets together and no doubt she has it with her on Mars. She will be taking pictures of alien things instead of her adorable grand kids.

If I were abducted, I think that some of my kids would loose a few pounds. Who is going to provide the open refrigerator and pantry? But then they would miss me telling them to "stay out of that, I am saving that for something." And they would definitely miss the home baked banana bread! I can hear them now. "Mom better not be making banana bread for those space creatures. They don't even grow bananas in space!"

But if I were abducted by aliens, I think my kids and grand kids would miss the little things... a hug, a kiss, a phone call. Does Skype work in outer space? And is there a new app for that on my iPhone?

Being a mom of adult children gives me a little more to offer my kids than the moms of toddlers. When a mom creates a drum with a coffee can and beans for a 4 year old, she is praised and adored. But my 20 year old children can look at me a laugh. "Mom what are you thinking". Don't get me wrong. I don't take any offense to this. This is something else my kids would miss. They would miss my silly little quirks and miss making jokes about them. Of course they would be laughing at my abductors. Wondering what I was saving to recycle into the next best gift. And what about the homemade gifts. Even though they like the bells and whistles of the newest gadget or the sleek new fashions, they would miss mom's homemade gifts. I don't think sending them a vial of moon dust is gonna cut it!

At this stage of their lives, Mom stands for a constant friend, listener, advisor, cheerleader, and grandmother. I think they would miss me being there for their kids most of all. They would miss their kids not having me bake cookies with them, or do little craft projects with them. And especially when they need a night alone, they would miss knowing that they can count on me to take their kids for an hour or so. Or even overnight if needed.

The best thing about being a mom is that it doesn't matter how old your kids are, they will always need me. And I know in my heart they would miss me if I were gone. They also know that there is no alien out there anywhere strong enough to keep me from my kids and grand kids. They are my life!

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