Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One To Grow On! Kids Audio Stories Review

One To Grow On! audio stories for kids by Trenna Daniells are absolutely charming cd sets that every parent should have. Grandparents too! Your child will want them all.

My children are grown with kids of their own. And I have the pleasure of being able to spend a considerable amount of time with them. I know how important reading is to children. But I am human and sometimes it is easier to let them watch that cartoon on tv or let them play 1 more video game when you're trying to get dinner on or any other necessary task. But with these cd's, we as parents can stop beating ourselves up.

There are 4 sets in the One To Grow On series. The series is color coded, which enables proper storage if you own more than 1 set. Each set consists of 4 stories on 2 cd's. Each set/color teaches a fundamental value, from exploring change to acceptance and how to be better people. The stories are told so that children find them fun and intriguing. Learning valuable lessons can be fun and Trenna Daniells does this with these stories.

My 4 year old grand daughter loves the stories. Her mom put one of the cd's in on a recent drive. Mom wasn't sure that Alexis was really getting anything out of the story. But she was shocked. Alexis was able to recite what was happening in the story. Kids love to listen to the stories. She wanted 'Mawka' to hurry up with them so she could have her stories back.

As well as offering the highest recommendation for these One To Grow On stories, this review is to let Alexis hear her stories again. Check here to listen. You'll be glad you did.