Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Chasm Book Review

The Chasm - A Journey to the Edge of Life by Randy Alcorn was not what I expected. Or rather not what I expected from Randy Alcorn.

The story is a timeless tale of our physical life's journey toward our spiritual everlasting life in heaven. Although I completely enjoyed the the imagery of the tale and the unique perspective of good verses evil and choosing the right path, I was expecting a suspenseful and a considerably more complex story.

The story is of Nick Seagrave beginning his journey toward “the distant shining city”, Charis. In order to get there, he needs to find the way across a huge chasm that lies between him and the city. He travels with Shadrach, a classic take on hard work and difficult path until he meets Joshua. Joshua offers the "easy" road. And Nick's struggle begins.

The book is enjoyable. I believe it will be enjoyed more by the new follower of Alcorn's writing. I think those who have read several of Alcorn's books might feel let down. The Chasm is a fresh approach to taking the right path.

I received the book, The Chasm, free for review from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group