Tuesday, May 10, 2011

V is for Void

Today's post is more of a challenge. How do you fill a void in your life? Everyone has a different tool that they use. Some fill their voids with destructive behavior while others use intelligent stimulation to fill their voids.

It got me thinking. I used to fill the void with useless computer games. But seriously! How fulfilling is planting another corn stalk on a fake farm? I try to fill my time with more constructive projects. I now subject you, my readers, to my personal insight. HaHa!!

No really. There is a void in a mom's life when her children grow and leave the nest. This void leads to a rediscovery of who she is as a person. That is what I have been doing with my "void". I find that blogging has made me more aware of who I am as an individual person. It has also brought me back to some of my favorite hobbies. Reading, Photography, and Crafting.

How do you fill your void? Let me know!