Sunday, May 31, 2015

Abacus 247 Phone Case Review

A few weeks ago, I needed to make a phone upgrade. After checking out my options, I decided on the Samsung Galaxy 6. When I make an upgrade, I have to do things 1 step at a time. Being the clutz that I am , the first thing on my agenda is to get a new phone case.

I received  a new phone case from Abacus 24-7 to try out and review. I love it! What's not to love?! It is an awesome color (I got hot pink).  It met with all of my needs: simple to put on and take off and durable. The #Abacus247Case cradles my phone like a second skin, offering the protection I need for my investment. It isn't over sized or bulky. My phone including the case, fits comfortably in my grip.

I am very happy with this product. There is also a case available for the S6 Edge. I would recommend #Abacus247Case for all Galaxy 6 phones.